A writer’s blog that not.

alexa mazzarello


“A writer’s blog that not.”

Huh? That’s what the masthead’s subtitle says. And this is a writer’s blog. But then, it’s also not.

Yes, I am a writer. Previously published in multiple genres in the small press scene and did reasonably well for that marketplace. Which is like an actor saying they’ve been successful in community theatre or an artist saying that they’ve done well in sidewalk art fairs. Fine, but hardly the validation most creatives long for. Still, with rights to those projects reverted, I’ve dabbled a little with doing it myself at Amazon in print and Kindle eBooks to keep a couple of those projects alive. Also, I had the opportunity to work on the business end of trade book publishing for a while, which was a good learning experience and a real eye-opener. But don’t look for anything about those undertakings here.

I’m still a writer, of course. Either you are, or you aren’t, right? It’s not like you can just turn it off. The fingertips inevitably get itchy for the keyboard, don’t they? At the moment I’m shopping around one recently completed novel via the normal query process (with all the customary frustrations that entails), while hard at work on its sequel for what’s intended as a noir-ish period mystery/crime fiction series.

Not surprisingly, that first book is titled The Stiletto Gumshoe. Hey, it made sense to buy the domain in case I wanted it later, and since I have to park it somewhere, I might as well put it to use.

But I’ll call this “a writer’s blog that’s not” because too many writers’ blogs I follow and sites I visit can get a bit depressing. You’ve seen them too, I’m sure. Daily reports on the writer’s progress, crammed with tedious minutiae explaining an all-too-frequent lack of progress. Rants against the industry gatekeepers (agents and editors). Partials of work-in-progress that mean absolutely nothing to the reader since we don’t have the whole manuscript in hand and have no idea what we’re reading. Or worse, the relentless self-published self-promoters populating their blog or website with redundant cover pics and links to buy their book…which inevitably produce blogs and sites of the same damn book cover shown over and over and over…

All of those are great in small doses. Comprising all of a blog or site’s content? Not so much.

So, if the time comes when I have some exciting news to share, I’ll do so. But till then, there’s a lot to share about other things. Recent reads, interesting sites and more. And since this is called “The Stiletto Gumshoe”, it won’t surprise you to discover that I’ll focus on mystery/crime fiction books, authors, films, art, pop culture, blogs, websites and more. If my own tastes lean more towards the dark and noir-ish (however you choose to define that) rather than the ‘cozy’…well, noir culture can be found in everything from comics to fashion editorials, vintage illustration to fine arts, collectible paperbacks to television series. So, if any of that might interest you – and I hope it will – stick around.


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