Not I, Said The Vixen.

Vixen - Art

Always loved the cover art done by illustrator Bill Johnson for novelist and screenwriter Bill S. Ballinger’s 1965 legal drama Not I, Said The Vixen. Come to think of it, I really dig that title too. I used to have a horribly beat-up copy of this novel, but it vanished somewhere into the land of missing books. I never got around to reading it, and plan to order one soon if I don’t don’t stumble across a halfway sturdy copy somewhere…preferably priced for a reader, not a collector. As far as I know, the novel deals with defense attorney Cyrus March, struggling with a drinking problem that arose following the death of his wife, who now finds himself representing (and falling for) accused murderer Ivy Lorents, who admits to shooting a wealthy socialite, and may or may not have been having an affair with her as well. The lesbian theme, I’ve read, is subtle at first and more apparent as the story unfolds, perhaps a bit like Sharon Stone’s character in Basic Instinct. Sounds suitably vixen-ish for me.

Not I, Said The Vixen 1965 copy

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