A writer’s blog that is: Libby Fischer Hellmann

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I think of this as “a writer’s blog that’s not”. Yes, I’m a writer, with multiple small press, anthology and other credits I’m proud of. But there’ll be little if anything about those here. If my current projects eventually work out, I can turn this into a ‘writer’s blog’ then and chase followers away with redundant self-promotional content at that time. So, for now, a writer’s blog that not.

Want to see a writer’s blog that is, and is really, really good?

3 libby hellmann dot com

Go to libbyhellmann.com to browse author Libby Fischer Hellmann’s excellent website, blog and e-newsletter. Any writer looking for inspiration or guidance on how to do a writer’s blog and do it right could consider hers “Author Blogging 101” and ought to send her a check for tuition after a visit.

Hellmann worked in broadcast news in Washington DC before relocating to Chicago three decades ago. There, her website’s footer notes, she “naturally began to write gritty crime fiction. Fifteen novels and twenty-five short stories later, she claims they’ll take her out of the Windy City feet first.”

Easy Innocence, originally published in 1990, is the first Libby Fischer Hellmann novel I read, and I’ve read two more since: Toxic City and An Eye For Murder. Browsing her website tells me I better buckle down if I plan to work through more of her books.

Like a growing number of writers, Hellman’s a hybrid author, successfully published by legacy/trade publishers, yet concurrently self-publishing, whether to share smaller or niche projects that are unlikely to interest mainstream editors, or to keep older material in circulation, or simply to sell more books and make more money. Writers can be such a mercenary bunch, bless them. Hellmann’s work is a textbook example of hybrid publishing done right, and she’s shared her thoughts and observations about the process via her website, blog and e-newsletter.

If you’re a mystery/crime fiction/thriller reader, you’ll find Hellman’s site interesting, and if you’re a fellow writer, even more so. Check it out.

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