Easy Innocence

Easy Innocence 2008 ed

Easy Innocence was the first first Libby Fischer Hellmann novel I read, later reading Toxic City (a prequel, if I recall), An Eye For Murder and still eager to dig deeper into her dozen other books. Hellmann’s a Washington DC transplant to Chicago, but depicts both the city and the ‘burbs like she was born here. Novels that feel like they’re set in Anytown, USA sometimes can disappoint. Hellmann does an artful job of creating a sense of place here. In fact, the disconnect between the city and the tony North Shore lakefront suburbs plays a key part in Easy Innocence’s plot, where privileged ‘mean girls’ let an easy mark take the fall for the brutal murder of one their own, which will eventually reveal more than just unexpected violence among the mansions, manicured lawns and snooty prep school crowd, but something even more surprisingly sleazy and sinister. This was the first in the Hellmann’s Georgi Davis series, Davis a former cop turned private investigator. It was a great read…look for it.

Easy Innocence 2002 limited edition

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