This Body’s Not Big Enough For The Both Of Us.

this bodys not big enough

Bestselling author Edgar Cantero has written one heck of an unusual novel with This Body’s Not Big Enough For The Both Of Us. It’s ‘the worst case of sibling rivalry’, as the inside flap teases.

The office door says ‘A. Kimrean & Z. Kimrean, Private Eyes’. But the pair aren’t husband and wife, father and son or mother and daughter. In fact, there’s only one desk inside with one chair behind it, and that’s for the scrawny, androgynous gumshoe who goes by A.Z. – twin brother and sister Adrian and Zooey, genetic chimeras who inhabit the very same body.

A 30+ page opening that plays with the hard-boiled crime novel cliché of a fetching femme fatale type showing up to enlist A.Z.’s assistance is a bit of challenge to adapt to, surely enough to put off fans of a traditionally plotted and written story. But get past that portion, and a rollicking good time awaits. Oh, there’s a ‘mystery’, and there’s crime, enough of both to satisfy any mystery/crime fiction fan, provided they aren’t looking for a straightforward whodunit. Cantero, from Barcelona Spain but residing these days in Brooklyn, toys with narrative conventions, honors and rips apart genre tropes and pokes fun at clichés. The tone is smart-assed and insouciant right from page one – right from the opening lines, in fact — and never really lets up.

And a nod to designer Michael J. Windsor’s for the striking dustjacket design, which lists images sourced from no less than eight photographers, reworked into a truly eye-catching bit of vector art and graphic design. This Body’s Not Big Enough For The Both Of Us is a bit different, no question, but a lot of fun.

this bodys not big enough back cover

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