The Girl Without A Stoplight In Her Life

ruth roman

Ruth Roman (1922 – 1999) planned to be a Broadway star, and when that didn’t pan out, worked as a cigarette girl in various Manhattan nightclubs till she earned enough money for the train fare west to Hollywood. There she finally landed her first film roles in 1943, toiling away in bit parts and serials while writing short stories about her experiences and the colorful life in a Los Angeles theatrical boarding house. It all came together in 1951, though, with multiple starring roles, some prestigious – Strangers On A Train — and some not so much – Lightning Strikes Twice — and she worked steadily in film and television clear through the 1960’s, still taking occasional roles all the way into the early 1980’s. Not one of Hollywood’s biggest names perhaps, but someone who worked hard and really lived, and you can see that in her stance and expression in the studio portrait above. I adore this photo…I’ve been sitting on a copy of this image file long before I knew who she was.

Ruth Roman Lightning Strikes Twice (1951)

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