Mira Has Two Faces

Mira Sorvino by David LaChapelle

Oscar and Golden Globe winning actress Mira Sorvino in a shot from peculiar photo suite by David LaChapelle for Allure magazine back in 1997, “Mira Has Two Faces”, which recreated the scenes of various Hollywood scandals, such as the mysterious death of gangster Johnny Stompanato with Lana Turner and her daughter Cheryl Crane, or depicted above, L.A. cops hauling actress Frances Farmer out of the Knickerbocker Hotel in 1943. Another photo in the suite, all sunlit and cheerfully hued, depicts Farmer’s later release from a mental hospital, a nurse at her side carting her brain in a lab jar, a nod to the not-fully-confirmed story that Farmer underwent a lobotomy while institutionalized. The photo suite garnered quite a bit of notoriety when Sorvino reported that she declined to pose for certain shots, but the magazine and photographer digitally recreated them anyway, including one in particular of Sorvino portraying Joan Crawford. Lawyers got involved, but what the outcome was I don’t actually know. Below are actual newspaper photos of Farmer’s 1943 arrest and booking.

Frances Farmer Arrest

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