Tap Dance Killer

Tap Dance 3

Not sure if I stumbled across this at Book Riot or Women In Comics (my blog aggregator has way too many things coming in and needs some pruning):

Tap Dance Killer (now there’s a title!), scripted by Ted Sikora with art by Nikolaus Harrison. If I’ve got it straight (search results were spotty) this is about actress Nikki St. Clair, who experiences some sort of supernatural occurrence while appearing in a ‘horror show musical’ as the Tap Dance Killer, and actually assumes the role in real life, becoming a mobster assassin and ultimately sparking an all-out gang war. This may be one of the various comics projects launched via a Kickstarter campaign, though it also looks like there are several issues out already, with a trade pb due that covers the first five issues. I haven’t seen it at my local comix shops (no surprise, there), but I’m on the lookout now.

Tap Dance 1Tap Dance

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