Pascale-Mira Taurua

Pascale-Miria Taurua 2

Pascale-Mira Taurua didn’t set out to be an artist. Originally a model, she was crowned Miss France in 1978, though relinquishing the title six months later. But painting beckoned, and after studying at the Conservatoire des Arts in Tahiti during the 1980’s, her first gallery show occurred in the early 2000’s, and since, she’s been hard at work in her studio in the small French village of Pau in the shadow of a King Henry IV castle.

Pascale-Miria Taurua 1

She works primarily in traditional oil on canvas, though sometimes (as seen in examples of her work) more adventurous pieces might be in mixed media acrylics with collage. Clearly much of her work is inspired by the same modeling and fashion worlds she once was a part of, with some paintings even reworking well-known fashion photos. Yes, there’s glamor here. But there’s something more, a cynicism perhaps, or something maybe just a bit darker?

Pascale-Mira Taura 4Pascale-Mira Taura 3Pascale-Mira Taura 5Pascale-Mira Taura 6

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  1. Slight correction: her family name is Taurua, not Taura. She’s from New Caledonia, more than 10,000 miles from Paris. No wonder she got homesick during her reign as Miss France!


    1. Spelling has been corrected — that’s my bad typing at work, not bad sourcing. Thanks for catching it! But rechecking the 2 sites I read when first looking at her paintings, both mention the early modeling career and Miss France title, as well as working in a studio in France now, so I guess I’ll stick with that, regardless of where she originally hails from.


      1. Oh, she *was* Miss France… I was simply pointing out that La Nouvelle Calédonie being French territory, she was a long way from home, despite the colonial technicalities. Having to stay away from home for a full year of (presumably) mostly inane, demeaning ceremonies, given how evidently creative she is, would have been quite hellish. Bully for her for walking away and preserving her dignity.


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