Cool Yule.

Diana Krall Xmas 1

If I want some smooth Yule-time tunes — the sort of background music that goes well with an easy chair, beverage of choice and a good book on a cold winter night…or perhaps some keyboard time over a manuscript when the icy winds are audibly howling outside the writing cave’s windows — then Norah Jones, Aimee Mann, She & Him and Sarah McLachlan all have terrific Christmas albums that are suitably seasonal but can be unobtrusive when dialed down low. My fave of that bunch of contemporary softies, though, is Diana Krall’s Christmas Songs from 2005.

Cocktails 1 and 2

On the other hand, if you’re not cozying up beneath a blanket or working your brain in front of a computer screen, but instead, decking the halls for a seasonal soiree, then I recommend the Christmas Cocktails series. I’ve got them all, though I still favor the first album, which was also the first one I happened to buy. Sure, there are a few silly novelty style numbers on those disks, but overall, they make for ideal Christmas party background music.

Cocktails 3 and 4

There are no wild bacchanals on my agenda at the moment, only some restful writing desk time. And the wind is literally howling right outside my windows. So, Diana Krall it is…

Diana Krall Xmas 2

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