Ingrid Boot: Noir Via New Zealand

Ingrid Boot 6

I first spotted one Ingrid Boot painting at Noirsville (, which promptly sent me hunting for more info about this artist.

Background info is sparse, but the intriguing artwork speaks for itself.

Ingrid Boot 3

Making her home in New Zealand since 2000, Ingrid Boot studied art at Westminster University in London and completed a degree in Illustration at De Monfort. The artist’s work ranges from glamorous retro nostalgia lifted right from a vintage Vogue magazine editorial (go to the artist’s own site at to view more of those), to ominous yet alluring film noir-inspired pieces, those comprising a 2018 solo show, aptly titled “Film Noir”, at the Bread & Butter Gallery. More from this incredible painter follows in the next post…

Ingrid Boot 4Ingrid Boot 14 Crime Of PassionIngrid Boot 15 - Fallen AngelIngrid Boot Exhibit Poster

2 thoughts on “Ingrid Boot: Noir Via New Zealand

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  1. One of the countless Vettriano clones. But I’m sure she’ll get money and attention for being a female. Way to be average ladies!


    1. Not sure I agree. In has own way, Vettriano built on what began as some fairly personal nostalgia, and has been running with it since. But let’s at least acknowledge that Ingrid Boot’s a more adept draftsman (drafts-person?) and painter. Mind you, I love Jack Vettriano’s work. I just don’t feel he ‘owns’ that particular niche of retro styled noir-ish easel painting.


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