Don’t Tread On Me.

Noir Rug Image

I stumbled across this on Pinterest, just one of the jumble of random pins you see once you log in. It’s a handsome enough if somewhat unusual photo of a noir-ish femme fatale, one leg raised to reveal a provocative glimpse of lacy thigh-high stocking top, one hand tucked behind her back to hide a very lethal looking automatic. On closer inspection, I realized it’s a Holiday setting, with what sure looks like a Christmas tree across the room.

But what’s really unusual about this image is that it’s not just some photo. It’s a rug.

Yes, a rug. Available from Wayfair, the 2’ x 3’ “Woman Black Area Rug” from East Urban Home.

Wayfair Noir Rug

As it happens, the writing lair has wall-to-wall off-white berber, no throw rugs needed. Not sure this would go well elsewhere ‘round here either, even if it listed for almost $350 but is available now for only $108.99. Home décor tastes aside, I wish the photo was credited. I’d love to know who shot this (and how the hell it ended up on rug).

I can’t decide if this is really sweet, or really, really weird.

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