Darabont’s Mob City

Mob City 1

Magic City, Agent Carter, Birds Of Prey…it’s shows like those that keep me from getting hooked on TV series, and on pins and needles till I hear if new favorites like Batwoman or Stumptown are safe for renewal. Let’s include Frank Darabont’s 2013 Mob City in the list of shows that lured me in, only to vanish prematurely.

Mob City 6

The TNT series only lasted one season, and I suspect Darabont had some big plans for story lines and themes had the show lasted. Familiar faces like Ed Burns and Jon Bernthal populated this loose adaptation of John Buntin’s hefty 2009 L.A. Noir: The Struggle For The Soul Of America’s Most Seductive City (BTW: A very worthwhile non-fiction read even if you care to look for it). It covers familiar ground touched on in the amazing L.A. Confidential and the less-than-amazing Gangster Squad, specifically the mid-twentieth century struggle for mastery of Los Angeles’ organized crime scene by Jack Dragna, Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel and Mickey Cohen, the bad guys pitted against ‘good guy’ LAPD Captain William (later Chief) Parker. Mob City  was deliciously dark and grim, with Alexa Davalos an absolute treat to watch every moment she was on screen, and yet another in a long list of frustrating disappointments when it disappeared.

Mob City 2Mob City 3Mob City 4Mob City 5


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