Write Your Own Story.

Schon 1

A dark (or doomed) romance: Gustavo Zylbersztajn (go ahead and pronounce that) shot Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana for Schon #19, if not exactly echoing a glamorous film noir femme fatale, then surely depicting vignettes from a moody crime melodrama, where a meet-up can mean romance, or something much more dangerous. Is Ms. Fontana a spy, a jewel thief, or merely trolling for love, inevitably of the doomed and ultimately unfulfilling variety? Who knows? As with most narrative style fashion editorials, the photos easily become prompts, ripe for spinning your own story.

Schon 2Schon 3Schon 4Schon 5Schon 6Schon 7Schon 8Schon 9Schon 10Schon 11


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