You Never Know Where The Art Will Appear.

lou marchetti Duotone

A dark duotone cover illustration for Edward Multon’s 1963 De Gouden Berg (a Dutch book, I think) is shown above. I’ve never been sure how this all worked back in the day, this being artwork by Lou Marchetti from the 1958 paperback edition of Holly Roth’s The Sleeper. Artists’ agents resold their illustrations when they could? Or, foreign publishers just ‘appropriated’ them? The latter seems more likely, but I’m just guessing about that.

The Sleeper 1958

I don’t read Dutch so I haven’t read Multon’s De Gouden Berg. Or The Sleeper either, for that matter. But I’m going to assume that someone gets tied up in something somewhere in Holly Roth’s cold war espionage novel, since the Lou Marchetti cover art and an earlier Lion Books edition depict a damsel in distress. In fact, I think the original hardcover edition showed a fellow all in knots, so maybe everyone got trussed up in The Sleeper.

The Sleeper 1955

Worthy of a novel on her own, Holly Roth – better known to some by her K. G. Ballard pen name – was a model turned journalist who then became a successful mystery and thriller novelist, but came to an untimely and mysterious end when she went overboard off a yacht in the Mediterranean.

You never where the art will appear, and you never know where a rambling post will end up.

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