Drinking At Home Alone In Your Underwear.

helmut newton 1972

No gumshoes, gangsters or gunsels this time: I stumbled across an odd tidbit in an old Vogue.com post which might not be an antidote for anyone who’s grown weary of sheltering-in. But, I suppose it couldn’t hurt if you’re going batty from too much social distancing.

Madeleine Luckel writes in a March 2017 Vogue.com post (link below): “There’s a Finnish Concept For Drinking At Home Alone In Your Underwear (But Vogue Was Always On It)”. The Finns call it “Kalsarikannit”, and apparently in means just what the article’s title says: Drinking at home alone in your underwear. Why? Who knows, but Finland seems to be weathering the pandemic better than many (I checked the country by country tallies before posting this).

Drinking? Fine. At home? That’s a moot point these days. Alone? Ditto. In your underwear? At least it’d be a change of pace from sweats and pajama pants, so why not?

helmut newton 1973

Barney Beer Belly watching ESPN reruns in his boxers with a twelve-pack of Bud at his side technically would be ‘drinking at home alone in your underwear’. But this “Kalsarikannit” thing did come from Vogue. So I suspect Madeleine Luckel had something more sensuously self-indulgent in mind. Including Helmut Newton pics with the post provided a clue.

No, it won’t close the social distancing, But curled up for cocktail hour in something suitably slinky with a saucy neo-noir film for company might make the sheltering-in briefly bearable.


Images: Helmut Newton 1972, 1973 (via the article)

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  1. Let me me brave, frank and blunt. (sounds like a law office) Last night, I did drink, was at home, by myself, and underwear were involved. This article was a great way to kick off the day (before the news puts it on a a repeat trajectory). Loving the site. Cheers,Mark in Portland.


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