Violent Love.

Violent Love 1

Two nearby indie bookstores have re-opened, with limited occupancy and masks required, of course. It sure felt good to pick up a pre-ordered book inside, and even better to snatch another right off the shelf. The chain bookstores, new and used, are still shut tight, so I’m having magazine rack and musty oldies withdrawal. And none of the comix shops have opened yet. Presuming they work on even tighter margins, and have been contending with distribution issues and the DC-Diamond upheaval, I’m worried.

I’m usually not one for deep digging in back issue bins, often as not sensing (rightly or not) the hardcore fans giving me the eye if not actually nudging me aside. Still, I’ve accumulated a list of titles I want to see more of. As soon as the stores’ doors open up again, that is.

Violent Love 2

Case in point: Frank J. Barbiere and Victor Santos’ 2017 series, Violent Love. Somehow, this one escaped me completely, but one enormous and stocked-to-the-ceiling shop not too far away will surely have the original ten issue series or at least the trade reprints.  Can’t tell you too much about it, except that it tells the story of bank robber Rock Bradley teaming up with out-for-vengeance Daisy Jane to work the southwestern U.S. the hard and bloody way. The series is titled Violent Love, after all. So it just has to be worth checking out.

Violent Love 4

Violent Love 3

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