Why Bother?

raica oliviera by fulvio maiani

As explained in prior posts, I’ve reluctantly pressed the pause button on my querying and writing outreach activity, hoping things will settle back into something like normal come September (summer being a notoriously bad time for pestering agents anyway, or so we often hear). The fact is, my last query went out way back in mid-March and it was a straggler at that.

So, I was surprised to receive a query response this week. Even more so since I’d sent that particular query five months ago. I’d already flagged it as a “NORMAN” (No Reply Means A No) long ago. I’m not sure what’s more dismissive: No reply at all, or one sent five months later.

I mean, seriously…at that point, why bother?


Photo: Raica Oliviera by Fulvio Maiani

2 thoughts on “Why Bother?

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  1. I think it’s pretty normal to have to wait that long before receiving news on your manuscript (at least that’s been the case for me). That’s why I simply start on the next project the moment I send one in for consideration.


    1. A full ms.? I agree. Just a query? Eight weeks, OK. Twelve weeks, OK. Twenty-two weeks? I don’t know about that, and cling to my (admittedly petulant) “Why bother” remark at that point. I’m in business, and can’t imagine taking five months to get back to anyone about anything at all, or if they’d even expect to still hear from me at that point.

      Thanks for commenting!

      C.J. Thomas


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