With A $75 Beret.

NY Post 1

Liz Sullivan shoots Sveva and Jonathan Bella back in 1999 for a New York Post fashion editorial called “Bonnie & Clyde Inspired Fashion”. Let’s say ‘loosely’ inspired. Well, model Sveva is wearing a beret in a shot or two, and they did bother to rent a couple of 1930’s Fords and some weaponry. That aside, the link between the Depression-era southwest and clothes from Saks, Ralph Lauren and Emili Pucci is a bit thin. The sleeveless shell Sveva’s wearing at the top went for about $800.

BTW, the beret? Seventy five bucks at J.J. Hat Center, and that was twenty years ago.

NY Post 2NY Post 3NY Post 4NY Post 5

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