Girl With A Job.

erwin blumenfeld harpers 1942 copy

This Erwin Blumenfeld 1942 photo comes from a Harper’s Bazaar fashion editorial, “Girl With A Job”, depicting ‘career girls’ getting the job done with effortless panache in various workplace and afterwork situations.

But I like to think of this model being a wartime ‘stiletto gumshoe’ working a case…maybe busting up a German-American Bund cell or tailing Axis saboteurs to a munitions plant. You know, just your everyday 1942 ‘career gal’ hijinks. Especially since lensman Blumenfeld, a native Berliner himself, fled the Nazis in the 1930’s, first to Paris, then expelled and interned in Casablanca with his family (they barely got out) and then to New York.

Girl With A Job





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