Gams And Golden Arms.

The Man With The Golden Arm

This Italian poster for Otto Preminger’s 1955 The Man With The Golden Arm (L’Uomo Dal Braccio D’Oro on this art) with Frank Sinatra, Eleanor Parker and Kim Novak bears little resemblance to the Saul Bass posters used for domestic release. But then, the film strays pretty far from Nelson Algren’s 1949 novel, doesn’t it? It’s said that Preminger threatened to have the film pulled from any U.S. theaters that altered or rejected Bass’ poster (Bass also responsible for the film’s opening title sequence), and he’d probably have made good on his threats, already being willing to put the film into release without the MPAA or PCA’s seal of approval…pretty rebellious at that time. While the movie was controversial enough on its own, let’s assume the Italian distributor wanted to tease something other than a peek into the grim and gritty life of a Chicago junkie. Novak’s incredible as strip club hostess Molly Novotny, but the illustrator took a bit of liberty with his depiction of her here.

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