All Off-Topic.

The writing lair’s to-be-read endtable is fully restocked now, two stops on the rescheduled Independent Bookstore Day over the weekend loading me back up on pre-ordered titles that had arrived and some routine browsing discoveries. But as I pile the books up on the endtable (in two wobbly stacks, no less) I suddenly realize that there isn’t a single one there that’ll ever get a mention on this site. It’s not for lack of trying, at least while cruising the store aisles and table displays. It just worked out that way. An impressive display commemorating the 75thanniversary of the end of WWII yielded a couple of pricey history books that will hopefully provide some lessons from the immediate aftermath of that conflict. And let’s face it, there are a few things going on these days that demand attention, from the pandemic to politics and more. Now I don’t know if reading all my new purchases will keep me away from the nightly cable news shows, and even if they do, some of these books are just as likely to make head explode anyway. 

Ahh, to get back to those cozy, comforting mystery/crime fiction books brimming with good ol’ fashioned violence, murder and mayhem…

Photos: Kim Novak in 1956; Paulette Caillaux by Roger Berson, 1952

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