Do It.

I did. Days ago, in fact, with no long lines, mix-ups or troublemakers. Early voting was in a nearby circuit court facility, which meant going through security (as in, practically being strip searched, though still setting off the alarm three times, which turned out to be no more than the eyelets on my boots). There were all kinds of important state and local races to wade through, including a bitterly disputed state income tax referendum. But you’ll understand if my finger jabbed the screen pretty damn hard when I checked off that very first one at the top…figuratively poking someone in the face, I suppose, but doing it on behalf of all the relatives and ancestors that came before me and would’ve been so horrified at the national nightmare we’ve endured the past few years. 

Agree, disagree, doesn’t matter. What matters is that you get out and vote if you haven’t yet, and then watch along with me and everyone else in America – and around the world – for every fucking legal vote to be counted.  

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  1. I voted 2 weeks ago, in the comfort of my living room, and then walked around the corner to the neighborhood library and dropped my ballot in the book return slot. Later that day I got a text from the Election Bureau confirming that they had received my ballot, and several days later another text to confirm that all was in order and my ballot would be counted. Voila!


    1. Originally I planned to vote on Election Day. Glad I didn’t wait, based on the line I saw when I drove by the relocated polling place early this morning, and it had just opened. Mail, drop box, in-person early, in-person today…it’s all cool! (Well, so long as there are no shenanigans.)

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      1. I’ve been voting by mail since I moved back to Oregon 30 years ago, it seems so civilized! When I lived in Salt Lake City in the ’80s, we voted in a neighbor’s living room, with a portrait of Ronald Reagan on top of the TV set. Bars were closed while the polls were open in some place I lived in the ’80s, maybe Baltimore? Best wishes for a safe and sane Election this time around…


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