With A $75 Beret.

NY Post 1

Liz Sullivan shoots Sveva and Jonathan Bella back in 1999 for a New York Post fashion editorial called “Bonnie & Clyde Inspired Fashion”. Let’s say ‘loosely’ inspired. Well, model Sveva is wearing a beret in a shot or two, and they did bother to rent a couple of 1930’s Fords and some weaponry. That aside, the link between the Depression-era southwest and clothes from Saks, Ralph Lauren and Emili Pucci is a bit thin. The sleeveless shell Sveva’s wearing at the top went for about $800.

BTW, the beret? Seventy five bucks at J.J. Hat Center, and that was twenty years ago.

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The Dark Side In Color Or B&W.

Quentin SHih 1

Largely self-taught photographer and filmmaker Quentin Shih works out of both New York and Bejing, and clearly has a flair for the dark side, the images sometimes evoking the look and feel of classic film noir, and sometimes indulging in sumptuous (but still deliciously dark) saturated hues for neo-noir homages.

Quentin Shih 2Quentin Shih 3Quentin Shih 4Quentin SHih 5Quentin Shih 6

Love Story.

du-juan 1

The editorial may be titled “Love Story”, but it’s kind of a darkly noir-ish looking affair, dontcha think? Vincent Peters shoots models Du Juan and Edwin K in “Love Story” for Numero China in 2011.

du-juan 2du-juan 3du-juan 4

Love On The Run.

DK 1

Is it only a lover’s clandestine meeting? Or, is something more sinister going on here? It’s usually hard to tell with narrative style fashion photography, and in the end, who cares? The Mikael Jansson shots are deliciously dark in this vintage 2000 Donna Karan campaign photo suite, “Love On The Run”, starring Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman.

DK 2DK 3Gary Oldman & Milla JovovichDK 5Gary Oldman & Milla JovovichDK 7DK 8DK 9

You Can’t Spend It In Prison.

Isabeli Fontana 1

Breaking in? That’s the easy part. That is, if you’re an expert safe cracker, which model Isabeli Fontana apparently is in this 2010 Vogue Brazil fashion editorial. Escaping with your loot? Now that’s another story…

Isabeli Fontana 2Isabeli Fontana 3Isabeli Fontana 4Isabeli Fontana 5Isabeli Fontana 6

Sasha Luss’ Anna In Elle Russia.

Anna Elle 1

I’ll revive an old post from July 2019: Sasha Luss doing what she’s best known for (modeling) while doing a little timely promotion for her 2019 Luc Bresson film Anna in this espionage editorial lensed by Guy Aroch for Elle Russia magazine.

Anna Elle 3Anna Elle 4Anna Elle 5Anna Elle 6Anna Elle 7Anna Elle 8Anna Elle 9



Crimes Of Fashion.

Crimes Of Fashion 1

Well, I’d have been happier if it included Jill Hennessy’s Claire Kincaid or Angie Harmon’s Abbie Carmichael, but we’re all partial to our own preferred TV ADA’s. Mark Seliger shoots the cast of Law & Order for Harper’s Bazaar in 2009 in an editorial called (surprise!) “Crimes OF Fashion”.

Crimes Of Fashion 2

“Would you kill for the perfect outfit? The cast of Law & Order tracks down a model murderess and brings her to justice,” the copy reads, though it looks to me like the photos tell a different story, with Sam Waterson’s Jack McCoy and crew beguiled by the fashionable femme fatale, even though she was caught red-handed trying to make off with a homicide victim’s killer golden heels.

Crimes Of Fashion 3Crimes Of Fashion 4Crimes Of Fashion 5Crimes Of Fashion 6Crimes Of Fashion 7Crimes OF Fashion 8


Dial M For Murder…Again.

Vanity Fair annie leibovitz 2008

A preceding post showcased Terry Gates’ photos of Ming Xi for Vogue China from 2012 in a suite titled “Hitchcock Beauty”, noting that Hitchcock homages seem to attract fashion creatives. Case in point: Annie Leibowitz for Vanity Fair in 2008, here with actress Charlize Theron recreating the same scene from Dial M For Murder.

Hitchcock Beauty 1

“Hitchcock Beauty”

Hitchcock Beauty 1

Hardly the only time it’s been done, and fashion mag creatives will no doubt do it again…but why not?

Terry Gates shot model Ming Xi for Vogue China in 2012, styled by fashion editor Yi Guo to recall memorable scenes from Alfred Hitchcock films. Okay, a couple scenes elude me, and the black cat is really throwing me (why am I thinking Kim Novak in 1958’s Bell, Book And Candle instead of Hitchcock?).

Hitchcock Beauty 2Hitchcock Beauty 3Hitchcock Beauty 4Hitchcock Beauty 5Hitchcock Beauty 6Hitchcock Beauty 7Hitchcock Beauty 8Hitchcock Beauty 9

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