No Honor Among Thieves.

Nikola Borissov 1

It should be so simple: Here are the gems. Now, where’s my money? Greed gets you nowhere except dead on a lonely rooftop in nowheresville, like this foolhardy fence, who obviously didn’t know just who he was tangling with…

By Bulgarian photographer Nikola Borissov.

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Write Your Own Story.

Schon 1

A dark (or doomed) romance: Gustavo Zylbersztajn (go ahead and pronounce that) shot Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana for Schon #19, if not exactly echoing a glamorous film noir femme fatale, then surely depicting vignettes from a moody crime melodrama, where a meet-up can mean romance, or something much more dangerous. Is Ms. Fontana a spy, a jewel thief, or merely trolling for love, inevitably of the doomed and ultimately unfulfilling variety? Who knows? As with most narrative style fashion editorials, the photos easily become prompts, ripe for spinning your own story.

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Readaholic 1

Possessed by books, or perhaps it’s the books themselves that are possessed?

Models Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, Madisyn Ritland, Nimue Smitand and Viktoriya Sasonkina are shot by master lensman Steven Meisel for Alberta Feretti in 2009.

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It’s A Hard Life.

Eva Herzigova by Chicao Bialas 1993 - 3

Staunching wounds one day, held hostage the next. A gun moll’s life is no fun at all. From Elle France magazine back in 1993, German photographer Chico Bialas shoots Eva Herzigova in a gunsel & gun moll photo suite, though it looks to me like Eva’s the one that ultimately did the shooting.

Eva Herzigova by Chico Bialas 1993Eva Herzigova by Chicao Bialas 1993 - 2Eva Herzigova by Chicao Bialas 1993 - 4


A Direct Hit.

lisa taylor by chris von wangenheim dior 1976

Ah, the seventies: Indulgent drugs and disco-decadence…and Dior. Model Lisa Taylor’s shot by Chris von Wangenheim (that is, unless she shoots first) for Christian Dior sunglasses in 1976.

Christian Dior sunglasses 1976

Noemie’s New Year.

noemie lenoir by sergei pons newton tribute

And how did your New Year’s Eve work out? Myself, I brought a cold-that-feels-like-more back with me from a holiday-over-the-holidays, so my midnight toast was a second shot of Nyquil.

As for model Noemie Lenoir in this Helmut Newton homage photo shot by Sergei Pons, it’s unclear if she’s already given up on having a Happy New Year at all, or is recovering from the aftermath of the post-midnight bacchanal. Lets just say she’s enjoying a moment alone to reassess her 2020 New Year’s resolutions.

What Do You Wear To A Break-In?

Rianne ten Haken 1

A sleek black jumpsuit, soft sole shoes and hair tucked under a knit cap would seem like optimal cat burglar attire. Of course, if your name’s Selina Kyle, you could go with night vision goggles and cat ears instead. Couture frocks, patterned hose and heels might be a suitable ensemble for a boutique clerk’s job, but destined for ruin if burglary’s your trade.

Rianne ten Haken 2

Not so for Rianne ten Haken, apparently, who’s shot here by photographer David Burton in a 2012 Elle Russia photo suite. Maybe Haken’s adhered to that old saw about dressing for the position you aspire to, not the one you’re currently in. And who knows? Maybe she’ll have her own opulent digs…once she fences all that loot, that is.

And don’t ask what the editorial’s title is. I don’t speak Russian.

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Spy Story

‘Spy Story’ Shalom Harlow by Ellen Von Unwerth

If you’re foolish enough to be wandering around a dark subway tunnel, and more foolish still to approach the woman in black lurking down there, then you deserve whatever happens to you. This is Shalom Harlow by Ellen von Unwerth from a fashion editorial titled “Spy Story”.


Erik Almas

Erik Almas 5

San Francisco area photographer Erik Almas came from Norway to the U.S to attend the Academy of Art University and then ended up staying. Almas is perhaps best known for his cinematic styled fashion, advertising and editorial work, much of it done with his unique compositing techniques. Take a look for yourself at or the photographer’s blog at

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