The Fashionable Felon.

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Five months after the release of Arthur Penn and Warren Beatty’s Bonnie And Clyde (soon to win two Academy Awards), Faye Dunaway posed for photographer Milton Greene in “Bonnie: Fashion’s New Darling – Faye Dunaway In A ‘30s Revival”, the cover story and interior fashion editorial in the January 12, 1968 issue of Life magazine.

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Love Story.

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The editorial may be titled “Love Story”, but it’s kind of a darkly noir-ish looking affair, dontcha think? Vincent Peters shoots models Du Juan and Edwin K in “Love Story” for Numero China in 2011.

du-juan 2du-juan 3du-juan 4

Love On The Run.

DK 1

Is it only a lover’s clandestine meeting? Or, is something more sinister going on here? It’s usually hard to tell with narrative style fashion photography, and in the end, who cares? The Mikael Jansson shots are deliciously dark in this vintage 2000 Donna Karan campaign photo suite, “Love On The Run”, starring Milla Jovovich and Gary Oldman.

DK 2DK 3Gary Oldman & Milla JovovichDK 5Gary Oldman & Milla JovovichDK 7DK 8DK 9

Through A Glass Darkly.

Darkly 1

“Through A Glass Darkly”: The phrase may be better known for its biblical roots (First Corinthians, Chapter 13) or even Sheridan LeFanu’s deliberate misquote for the title of his 1872 gothic horror story collection In A Glass Darkly, which included Carmilla.

Here the phrase is used for a particularly dark series with Natalia Vodianova as a sometimes sultry and sometimes disheveled femme fatale, shot by master fashion photographer Paolo Roversi for Vogue UK in 2002.

Darkly 5Darkly 4Darkly 2Darkly 3

You Can’t Spend It In Prison.

Isabeli Fontana 1

Breaking in? That’s the easy part. That is, if you’re an expert safe cracker, which model Isabeli Fontana apparently is in this 2010 Vogue Brazil fashion editorial. Escaping with your loot? Now that’s another story…

Isabeli Fontana 2Isabeli Fontana 3Isabeli Fontana 4Isabeli Fontana 5Isabeli Fontana 6

No Honor Among Thieves.

Nikola Borissov 1

It should be so simple: Here are the gems. Now, where’s my money? Greed gets you nowhere except dead on a lonely rooftop in nowheresville, like this foolhardy fence, who obviously didn’t know just who he was tangling with…

By Bulgarian photographer Nikola Borissov.

Nikola Borissov 2Nikola Borissov 3Nikola Borissov 4Nikola Borissov 5Nikola Borissov 6

Write Your Own Story.

Schon 1

A dark (or doomed) romance: Gustavo Zylbersztajn (go ahead and pronounce that) shot Brazilian model Isabeli Fontana for Schon #19, if not exactly echoing a glamorous film noir femme fatale, then surely depicting vignettes from a moody crime melodrama, where a meet-up can mean romance, or something much more dangerous. Is Ms. Fontana a spy, a jewel thief, or merely trolling for love, inevitably of the doomed and ultimately unfulfilling variety? Who knows? As with most narrative style fashion editorials, the photos easily become prompts, ripe for spinning your own story.

Schon 2Schon 3Schon 4Schon 5Schon 6Schon 7Schon 8Schon 9Schon 10Schon 11



Readaholic 1

Possessed by books, or perhaps it’s the books themselves that are possessed?

Models Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, Madisyn Ritland, Nimue Smitand and Viktoriya Sasonkina are shot by master lensman Steven Meisel for Alberta Feretti in 2009.

Readaholic 2Readaholic 3Readaholic 4

It’s A Hard Life.

Eva Herzigova by Chicao Bialas 1993 - 3

Staunching wounds one day, held hostage the next. A gun moll’s life is no fun at all. From Elle France magazine back in 1993, German photographer Chico Bialas shoots Eva Herzigova in a gunsel & gun moll photo suite, though it looks to me like Eva’s the one that ultimately did the shooting.

Eva Herzigova by Chico Bialas 1993Eva Herzigova by Chicao Bialas 1993 - 2Eva Herzigova by Chicao Bialas 1993 - 4


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