Road Trip 1

She hadn’t expected to be left in the middle of nowhere and wasn’t up for hoofing it in heels all the way back to town. But the cab fare for this ride would be a little steep even for her, and Lord knows she’d paid her dues before.

Some excerpts from Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup’s 2011 editorial “Road Trip”, a vignette for a story in the making if ever I saw one.

Roadtrip 2Roadtrip 3Roadtrip 4

Vintage Selfies

chanel f-w 2011-12 karl lagerfeld

So, I suppose they made sense before cell phones, right? And after all, if you wanted to take a saucy self-portrait, you couldn’t very well bring your roll of film to the drug store for prints. Of course, Polaroids have been around since the 1950’s…

Above is a truly iconic and often-seen photo by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2011-2012 print campaign. Below? Well, that one’s called (no surprise here) “Fotobooth” from the Japan Diaries, a photo suite by BJ and Richeille Formento, the successful fashion, editorial and art photography team known as Formento + Formento ( The non-too-subtle message relayed by that pair of stockings’ seams is one thing. But it might make you wonder what the fotobooth photos themselves will be. Ahh, the indulgence of art.

Fotobooth by Formento & Formento


Number, please…

Lukasz 3

It’s noir in color, and oh, what color in these selected shots from a Lukasz Brzekiewicz photo suite. Just what’s happening here? A welcomed call from her lover? Or, ordering a hit on her husband? She may look worried in the first two shots, but visibly relieved (or particularly pleased) in the final frame. Oh, I love to speculate…

Lukasz 1Lukasz 2

New Kid In Town

New Kid 1

No one would accuse model Arizona Muse of being boyish. Just search out any of Muse’s many fashion spreads with leading photographers in Vogue, Numero, Porter and elsewhere, elegantly decked out in sumptuous couture or sultry and slinky in high-fashion lingerie.

New Kid 3

But she does make for a convincing young fellow in New Kid In Town, shot by Peter Lindbergh. In this photo suite, a hot shot dice shooter – or just plain shooter (note the automatic tucked in her trousers) – has just arrived, so look out boys and girls alike…there’s a new kid in town.

New Kid 4New Kid 6New Kid 7New Kid 5New Kid 2


Mystery In Moonlight

Claudia Schiffer by Michelangelo di Battista

The image could almost be from a 1950’s B-movie poster, vintage paperback original on a spinning wire rack or a tawdry ‘true crime’ magazine lurking on the bottom row at the candy store. Michelangelo di Battista shoots supermodel Claudia Schiffer for Harper’s Bazaar UK in an editorial titled “Mystery In The Moonlight”, utilizing drawings by artist Jon Rogers, the project styled by Alison Edmond. More of this projects intriguing pulp-spoof images follow in the next post.

Waiting (For ‘The Man’)

julia van Os by drew jarrett 2017

The lines laid down on the ladies room vanity have all been sniffed clean. That’s when smoldering glances were exchanged, promises of more in the limo, so here she waits in her four hundred dollar shoes and her eight hundred dollar dress and the earrings she stole from her roomie’s jewelry box, perched on the curb in the alley and hoping she doesn’t see another rat scurry by before that Mercedes finally arrives.

I’m hearing Lou Reed singing something suitably New York-ish when I look at this Drew Jarrett photo of Julia van Os from 2017.

Don’t Talk To Strangers

the exhibitionists by mikael jansson 2013

Don’t stop to chat, to share a smoke or even to pause for a second glance. Just keep going, eyes straight ahead.  Don’t talk to strangers, because you know this one will be nothing but trouble. By Mikael Jansson, for Interview magazine in 2013.

Motel Affair

Motel Affair 1

Narrative fashion editorials tell stories, but only ‘sort-of’, so it can be amusing to fill in the blanks. Consider this 2011 Flair Austria editorial, “Motel Affair” shot by Uwe Duettmann with model Johanna Jonsson.

Motel Affair 2

So, what’s the story here? Merely some stylish neo-noir style motel infidelity, with model Jonsson waiting impatiently for her lover to arrive? But no, there seems to be more going on, evidenced by her hasty getaway, especially since it seems she left someone behind…and it’s unclear if he’s only asleep, or dead.

But then, I really read way too much into these things…

Motel Affair 4

Motel Affair 3Motel Affair 5Motel Affair 7

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