Pistols And Peter Pan Collars.

New Era Shirt Co

From My Vintage Vogue (via Dirty River):

I can’t resist retro girlz with gunz, even if they’re in a print ad for particularly un-intimidating Peter Pan blouses. But hey, they’re “Sanforized” (of course) which I’m guessing might be some phony wrinkle free nonsense. As for “carrot-crisp” combed cotton? I can’t even guess, and someone should’ve had a sit-down with that copywriter.

Well, nonetheless: Stick ’em up, ladies…

Were You Whistling At Us?

valeria mazza michele hicks carla bruni vogue italia 1995

A word to the wise, fellas: Maybe think twice before you make with the catcalls and the whistles at the next car full of women. Just sayin’. This convertible’s packed with Valeria Mazza, Michele Hicks and Carla Bruni, from a Vogue Italia shoot in 1995.

Gerusova Gave Her A Gun.

By Tatiana Gerusova

So lets guess about this one…

The landscaper needs to be prodded to keep the lawn mower rolling? The pool boy’s been told to finish up by noon or there’ll be trouble? Or perhaps the second floor bedroom window provides a perfect perch to pick off hubby on his way to the Mercedes in the driveway? Who knows, even if L.A. based photographer Tatiana Gerusova’s just whimsically shooting girlz with gunz for a fancy lingerie fashion pictorial.

The Cutie.

The Cutie 2

Ken Laager’s deceptively simple (but simply stunning) cover art for the Hard Case Crime 2011 edition of Donald Westlake’s The Cutie (originally tiled The Mercenaries, from 1991).

The CutieThe Mercenaries

Running In Heels

in time

Science fiction never was my thing, but while I’ll usually pass on aliens, rocket ships and robots, I’m easily sucked in by a nice, dark dystopian noir.

Producer/director Andrew Niccol’s 2011 In Time may not have spent much time in theaters, and might not get ranked with Blade Runner or even Dark City, but it’s a reasonably good film, and the two leads do a good and earnest job throughout. Justin Timberlake’s naturally a likeable sort, but manages some real intensity here once the tensions rise. Amanda Seyfried may not be the first actress that comes to mind for what turns into a pretty tough gun-toting role, but she pulls it off with style. And what style. Long blonde tresses may be Seyfried’s trademark, but she gives a short reddish bob some badass panache.

In TIme 1In TIme 2

In Time’s 22nd century is a familiar looking yet unpleasant world in which people are genetically engineered to stop aging at 25, when a one-year countdown (digitally displayed on their forearm) commences till they ‘time out’ and immediately expire. But time can be bought and sold, setting up the ultimate have’s and have-not’s, with laborers slaving away at menial jobs in dreary blue collar cities while the well-heeled buy, steal or wager for (and horde) time credits to live in luxury and for as long as they want. When Timberlake’s character is robbed/tricked out of nearly all his time, he abducts Seyfried as a hostage to get his life back. No surprise, they fall for each other, she goes rogue, and the pair ultimately rob the wealthy’s time banks, literally stealing from the rich to give to the poor. A top-notch cast includes Cillian Murphy, Vincent Kartheiser, Olivia Wilde and Johnny Galecki in various good, bad and a-little-of-both roles. There’s some nifty gunplay and a lot of well-shot/edited chases and running around. In fact, I hope Amanda Seyfried got a bonus for all of the running in heels. Location candids show the actress in killer shoes. I always thought the moment a director hollered “Cut”, it was time for Uggs or bunny slippers.


Oscars all around for In Time? Well, no, I’m not going that far. And it’s not Blade Runner. But it is darn good, it is stylish-looking with a noir-ish flair even if much of it is brightly lit, and Amanda Seyfried ought to get signed for more roles where she can wave a gun around. She does it well.

In Time 2011


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