Ana’s Paloma.

I’m not the world’s biggest James Bond fan, with mixed feelings about the original 1950’s-60’s Ian Fleming novels, favoring the first three Sean Connery films over all others, and with (you can yell at me and throw things now) the first Pierce Brosnan film, Goldeneye, coming in next. But not being the world’s biggest fan doesn’t mean I’m still not on board for all of them…well, except for the Roger Moore films. Sorry, I just cannot get into those. 

Planned for a Spring release, but delayed like everything else in our pandemic world and now headed our way (we’ll see) this November is the 25thNo Time To Die. Ana De Armas strikes some lethal poses as CIA agent Paloma, a “Bond Girl” though not 007’s love interest, or so I’ve read. 

His Turn.

Karin Dor

Spend a lot of time browsing mid-twentieth century pulps and postwar paperback crime fiction, and it’s easy to overdose on damsels-in-distress and women-in-peril. So it’s a nice change of pace to see the fellow with his arms yanked behind his back and at the mercy of a fetching femme fatale, in this case SPECTRE assassin Helga Brandt played by German actress Karin Dor (1938 – 2017) in You Only Live Twice, the fifth Sean Connery James Bond 007 film.

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