70’s Decadence

Moments 2

From Vs. magazine’s Fall-Winter 2014/15 issue, an intriguing homage to all that’s decadent in fashion photography – bad boy Helmut Newton, badder-girl Ellen Von Unwerth, and a nod to the 1978 erotic crime thriller Eyes Of Laura Mars (more about that guilty pleasure weird-fest of a flick at thestilettogumshoe.com later…count on it).

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The photo suite’s introductory copy explains: “In the cult movie Eyes Of Laura Mars, Faye Dunaway plays a photographer who can see through the eyes of a killer. Here, our cover girl Uma Thurman – a modern-day Dunaway – embodies the thriller’s title role and pays homage to its seductive 70’s styling and provocative imagery (the movie featured stills by Helmut Newton). Who better to capture this iconic marriage of fashion and film than Newton’s seminal successor, Ellen Von Unwerth?”

Well, I’ve seen Von Unwerth get both saucier and nastier than these, and the staged photo shoots, stills and grisly murders in the 1978 film pushed the limits for the time, presaging a host of disturbing visuals soon to populate countless VHS tapes in the ‘erotic thriller’ craze of the early 80’s. But Von Unwerth and Thurman captured some vintage decadence here, to be sure.

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She Was Framed.

S Stone 2

Maybe it was a set-up. Maybe she was framed. Maybe she had it coming, who knows? Maybe things would’ve gone down easier if she just went along quietly.

The cops couldn’t hold onto her in Basic Instinct, but actress Sharon Stone’s not getting out of the clink anytime soon in this gritty 2008 photo suite from Ellen von Unwerth, fashion photography’s maestro of mischief and all things delightfully decadent.

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camilla christensen emma stern nielsen ev unwerth vs magazine

Just a couple of pals en route to the airport, off on a weekend romp.

Or…sneaking out of their rat-trap tenement after that sleazy landlord offered some suggestions on how they might make good on the three months’ back rent.

Or…hightailing it outa there with their grips stuffed full of loot from last night’s heist, their loudmouthed gangster-wannabe boy-toys sleeping the ‘big sleep’ back upstairs.

Or, just models Camilla Christensen and Emma Stern Nielsen, shot by Ellen von Unwerth for Vs Magazine.

Leopold Fiala’s Neo-Noir

neo-noir 1

Selected images from German photographer Leopold Fiala’s “Neo-Noir Transportation”  photo-suite for Ramp magazine, art directed by the photographer and Veit Gross. That last shot in the series is the real kicker…love it.

neo-noir 2neo-noir 3neo-noir 4neo-noir 5

Femme Fatale: Sable Sin Cyr

femme fatale sable sin cyr

Pinups, Cosplay, art, fashion…model Sable Sin Cyr apparently has a diverse resume and portfolio. Here she is in an ominous photo tinged with imminent danger, titled “Femme Fatale” by Twilight Images.

Noir In Color

black velvet

Czech Republic photographer Simona Buchtova, AKA Simsalabima, demonstrating how noir in color may be more vibrant but no less dark or disturbing…or utterly gorgeous. And what color! Shown here are lush pieces of photo-art titled: “Black Velvet” above, and below” “Light My Fire II”, “Awaited”, “Lights of Bangkok” and “Lights Of Chinatown”.

light my fire 2awaitedlights of bangkoklights of chinatown

Private Eyes

GENLUX Magazine

Cade Martin’s “Private Eyes”, a photo suite shot for Genlux over one day and night in pre-scouted locations in Harlem. See more of Martin’s work at his website, cademartin.com.

GENLUX MagazineGENLUX MagazineGENLUX Magazine

Sin City

Sin City by Annie Parfi

Russian photographer Anna Parfenova, who also goes by Annie Parfi and Anna Parfe. Look for more at annaparfenove.com. This image from a series called “Sin City”.

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