Gamot’s Gilda.

It’s nearly 75 years since Rita Hayworth slinked around the Buenos Aires nightclub-casino, but you could almost hear the orchestra starting up Put The Blame On Mame in this photo titled “Gilda” by Sylvia Gamot.

She’ll Drive, She’ll Count.

A wad of twenties might be better, but it looks like this duo will settle for the bundles of singles from their latest heist. Retro pinup models Greta Macabre and Tamara pose in perfect retro style for photographer Deyan Baric.

My Bloody Valentine.

The title of the photo suite these images come from might make you think of Halloween. Wrong holiday. I suppose I ought to repost this group come February 2021. From “My Bloody Valentine” by Dallas, Texas based photographer and artist Tom Hussey.

If Looks Could Kill.

The Daily Mail’s men’s style feature “If Looks Could Kill: This Season’s Noir Fashion” (though it’s from a few ‘seasons’ ago) tells us “If you want to turn heads and get the girl, you need to look the part. Dress like this and don’t be surprised if trouble walks through your door with eyes like marigolds. You might even get a job offer about a mysterious statue, or receive a visit from a beautiful brunette with a dark secret. Thankfully, roscoes and heaters are no longer de rigueur accessories”.

Well, I don’t know about the copywriter’s take on hard-boiled patter, but the selections from Ian Derry’s photography looks just fine.

Murder At The Bath House.

Swedish photographer Emmelie Hedenstrom’s website (link below) not only showcases her commercial work for corporate portraiture, fashion & beauty and more, but has an extra reason to stop by. 

“Murder In The Bath House” is a narrative photo suite in ten chapters, conceived and written by the photographer herself along with Ada Skarp. Viewers are invited to “put on your detective’s hat and study the photos. If you look closely and carefully, you will gradually be able to decipher the hidden clues, untangle the relationships and discover the motives. Piece everything together and the whole story will unfold”. 

Hedenstrom assembled a cast of seven models, period-perfect props, wardrobe and accessories for a location shoot at Stockholm’s Centralbadet. Her classic photo-noir mystery is a darkly lurid tale of tawdry affairs, deceit and murder, the images riddled with both red herrings and subtle clues. Check Hedenstrom’s beautifully set, art directed and lensed images, and “Murder In The Bath House” in particular, just a few random images from which are shown here.

Shadow Play.

What broadcast TV series hassn’t tried a retro episode? Pretty Little Liars, the ABC series based on Sara Shepard’s series of YA novels of the same name, included a 2014 episode titled “Shadow Play” in which (if I got this right) Spencer Hastings – played by Trojan Bellisario and one of the titular clique of pretty little liars – is transported to a drama and danger filled 1940’s film noir world after too many sleepless nights and prescription pills. And if it shows that I’m not a Pretty Little Liars expert by that description, then you’re absolutely right.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some good visuals that do their best to capture the ‘look’.

Number, Please.

“The Telephone Is Dead” by California photographer Michael Malak. Looks to me like the line’s been cut. Lets hope that’s all she plans to use that knife for.

Quiet: The Song’s About To Begin…

A gleaming black piano. A woman poured into in a snug-n-sparkly black gown, her far away expression suggesting rueful thoughts about love gone bad or just plain…gone. All the makings of a bluesy torch song…or a noir-ish tale. Carter Smithe shoots model Marja Vojovic for Elle US back in 2010.

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