Back-Alley Noir In Belgium

The Confrontation

Sometimes it’s not a question of whether’s somebody’s gonna die. It’s only a question of who’ll die first. Like in this gorgeous bit of back-alley noir from Belgian photographer Gino DeFauw, called “The Confrontation”. Look for more of DeFauw’s work at 500px.


Anna Parfenova’s Sin City

Sin City Anna Parfenova 1

I posted one example of an Anna Parfenova photo back in mid-December 2018. The talented St. Petersburg, Russia photographer, who also goes by ‘Annie Parfi’, showcases the usual commercial work for fashion, portrait and editorial, all of it colorful, crisp and slick. But her own personal creative work is dominated by elaborately staged and lushly styled romantic fantasy images, with ethereal beauties in sumptuous gowns in opulent salons. Truly, it’s quite lovely.

If that’s your thing, that is.

Sin City Anna Parfenova 2

But there must be a bit of darkness lurking somewhere in Ms. Parfenova’s creative soul, or a flair for the noir-ish in her camera’s eye. See the juxtaposition for yourself in her galleries at DeviantArt, 500px or even Tumblr (well, her traditional photographer’s formal nude figure studies have understandably vanished there, under the new Tumblr content restrictions) or go her own site, There, the lovely princesses, brides and fantasy femmes are suddenly interrupted by a suite of images titled “Sin City” that pull you into a retro-styled private eye’s office, both retro and contemporary at the same time, cluttered, smoky and ominous looking. A crime is about to be committed, or a steamy love affair is about to commence…or both, more likely.

More of Anna Parfenova’s work follows in the next post…

Sin City Anna Parfenova 3Sin City Anna Parfenova 4Sin City Anna Parfenova 5

Emerald Noir

sinakasra 2

Luscious noir-ish paintings — in vibrant green, no less, rather than customary blues, blacks and greys —  by Sina Pakzad Kasra from 2018. Both appear to be reworks of — or homages to — scenes form Hitchcock’s Vertigo, right?  Whatever the inspiration, they’re great.

sinakasra 1

Leaving Town Till Things Cool Down

LeavingTown till things cool down michael malak

“Leaving Town Till Things Cool Down” is just one of the striking retro-styled black and white images I’ve seen from photographer Michael Malak. Dig around and you’ll spot more, though sadly they’re left uncredited too often at Pinterest, Tumblr and elsewhere.

The set, props and wardrobe are all spot-on for what I’m assuming is intended as an early 1930’s look. But study the photo a moment, or you’ll miss the best part. She better leave town till things cool down, because someone’s bound to discover what’s lurking in that trunk.

Retro Done Right

mikael bourgouin

A lovely period femme fatale, looking like she pranced right out of an early 1930’s film or pre-war pulp tale. By Lyon, France illustrator and painter Mikael Bourgouin. Look for more of his work at

Lovers & Drifters

Lovers & Drifters 1

A t-shirt and lacy tap pants go well with cowboy boots in a southwest milieu, at least in this gritty desert noir photo suite, “Lovers & Drifters” with Cora Keegan shot by Jason Lee Perry.

Lovers & Drfiters 2

But a word to the wise: Think twice when you slow down for an abandoned sedan on a rural highway shoulder. Not every car needs a jump, particularly if the driver’s missing her pants. And packing a really big gun…

Lovers & Drifters 4Lovers & Drifters 3Lovers & Drifters 5

Still Life

Mikael Jansson-2000

It’s pretty sparse, really: A shot glass and a bottle of whiskey, most of the booze long gone. A revolver. A discarded pair of dainty black briefs, like some crumpled corsage left on the table.

Nothing good can come of this, or maybe something bad already has in this noir-ish still life photo from 2000 by Mikael Jansson.

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