Do Not Disturb

do not disturb by devotchka

The sign on the hotel room doorknob may read ‘Do Not Disturb’, but I’m betting she’s going to ignore that. She could be a ‘stiletto gumshoe’, or could just be a jealous spouse or girlfriend in this nifty photo called (not surprisingly) “Do Not Disturb”, by Devotchka.

Don’t Talk To Strangers In Cars

Gwen Stefani by Michelangelo Battista

Sound advice: Don’t approach a car idling at the curb and don’t talk to strangers. Especially a stranger leaning out of the driver’s side window who looks as menacing as singer Gwen Stefani does in this retro-styled image from fashion photographer Michelangelo Battista.

Leopold Fiala’s Neo-Noir

neo-noir 1

Selected images from German photographer Leopold Fiala’s “Neo-Noir Transportation”  photo-suite for Ramp magazine, art directed by the photographer and Veit Gross. That last shot in the series is the real kicker…love it.

neo-noir 2neo-noir 3neo-noir 4neo-noir 5

Chris Clor

chris clor

At first, she just looks like a private eye’s secretary, perched on the gumshoe’s desk. But is she? And there are so many details to take in and wonder about in this darkly moody Chris Clor image: That the shadowy visitor’s briefcase is handcuffed to his wrist. What’s with the religious statue on the file cabinet, and why is one file drawer left open? Hey, just choosing purple shoes to go with a green dress is a puzzler.

Gorgeous stuff.

Come on up…

carine roitfeld 1

A dark stairway can lead to many different places, and in these images, it’s most likely to lead to some kind of trouble. Or…not. Karl Lagerfeld shoots Carine Roitfeld for Interview Magazine in 2011.

carien roitfeld 3carine roitfeld 2

Noir In Color

black velvet

Czech Republic photographer Simona Buchtova, AKA Simsalabima, demonstrating how noir in color may be more vibrant but no less dark or disturbing…or utterly gorgeous. And what color! Shown here are lush pieces of photo-art titled: “Black Velvet” above, and below” “Light My Fire II”, “Awaited”, “Lights of Bangkok” and “Lights Of Chinatown”.

light my fire 2awaitedlights of bangkoklights of chinatown

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