Back-Alley Noir In Belgium

The Confrontation

Sometimes it’s not a question of whether’s somebody’s gonna die. It’s only a question of who’ll die first. Like in this gorgeous bit of back-alley noir from Belgian photographer Gino DeFauw, called “The Confrontation”. Look for more of DeFauw’s work at 500px.



Road Trip 1

She hadn’t expected to be left in the middle of nowhere and wasn’t up for hoofing it in heels all the way back to town. But the cab fare for this ride would be a little steep even for her, and Lord knows she’d paid her dues before.

Some excerpts from Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup’s 2011 editorial “Road Trip”, a vignette for a story in the making if ever I saw one.

Roadtrip 2Roadtrip 3Roadtrip 4

Your deal…


I learned the hard way back in high school that poker and I would never get along. Suckered into card games during college, and I still didn’t wise up.

The picture’s called “6016760”. Now I don’t know what UK photo-artist Patryk Madej (AKA ‘Sorenquist’) means by that cryptic title. It could be something secret and personal or it could just an image file number. But I do know that I’d think twice before getting into a card game with model Sonia Aneila.

Leaving Town Till Things Cool Down

LeavingTown till things cool down michael malak

“Leaving Town Till Things Cool Down” is just one of the striking retro-styled black and white images I’ve seen from photographer Michael Malak. Dig around and you’ll spot more, though sadly they’re left uncredited too often at Pinterest, Tumblr and elsewhere.

The set, props and wardrobe are all spot-on for what I’m assuming is intended as an early 1930’s look. But study the photo a moment, or you’ll miss the best part. She better leave town till things cool down, because someone’s bound to discover what’s lurking in that trunk.

Vintage Selfies

chanel f-w 2011-12 karl lagerfeld

So, I suppose they made sense before cell phones, right? And after all, if you wanted to take a saucy self-portrait, you couldn’t very well bring your roll of film to the drug store for prints. Of course, Polaroids have been around since the 1950’s…

Above is a truly iconic and often-seen photo by Karl Lagerfeld for Chanel’s Fall-Winter 2011-2012 print campaign. Below? Well, that one’s called (no surprise here) “Fotobooth” from the Japan Diaries, a photo suite by BJ and Richeille Formento, the successful fashion, editorial and art photography team known as Formento + Formento ( The non-too-subtle message relayed by that pair of stockings’ seams is one thing. But it might make you wonder what the fotobooth photos themselves will be. Ahh, the indulgence of art.

Fotobooth by Formento & Formento


One More Drink…

Will Haubert

A suburban basement’s rec room bar: The kind of place where too many highballs and too many Viceroys make for too much brooding over loveless marriages, cheating spouses, and murderous ways to set things right…

Beautiful black and white photography by Will Haubert.

Draw The Blinds…

samantha wehr by celeste giuliano

Photographer Celeste Giuliano shoots model Samantha Wehr, with all the noir tropes, and all done well: A retro-looking red satin dress, window blinds, impenetrable darkness and the menacing silhouette of someone casting a long and ominous shadow.

L.A. Noir

LA Noir 1

Rene & Radka shoot Lauren Cohan in a classic pulp story or noir film come to life for S Magazine in 2014, the photo suite appropriately titled “L.A. Noir”, complete with the trench-coated private eye and the cocktail lounge chanteuse who trades a microphone for a revolver.

(The very striking final image below is one I see all too frequently at Pinterest boards and elsewhere, posted as a retro film noir still. )

LA Noir 2LA Noir 3LA Noir 4LA Noir 5

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