L.A., 1990.

Jennifer Tilly 1990

She’d be a fully accredited film noir goddess for her performance in 1996’s Bound if nothing else, though she’s played her share of other femmes fatales and bad girlz. Above is Jennifer Tilly looking languid but still dangerous in an L.A. hotel room from 1990.

A Good Day To Die

good day to die polek holdova

A good day to die? Hmmm. Guess that all depends on which end of the gun you’re on.

“Good Day To Die”, by Lucem, from Polek Holdova.

Gretel Macabre


Croatian model ‘Gretel Macabre’ (lets just assume that’s not her birth name) has a gallery full of retro-pinup, cosplay and glamour shots done with various photographers, including a couple of noir-ish bad girlz, one of which I seem to see everywhere from Pinterest to Tumblr and you-name-it-dot-com. Above is Gretel in “Notorious” by Deyan Baric, and below she’s about as classic a fatal-femme as you could ask for in “Film Noir Femme Fatale” shot by Matt Frederick.

Film Noir Femme Fatale

Have A Drink First?

Isa Vargas

If she offers you a glass of merlot, I’d accept. In fact, I’d go along with whatever she suggests, seeing as she’s the one with the revolver in her hand. By photographer Isa Vargas.

Writers Dream

A Writers Dream by Csalar Balint

Writers dream just like anyone else, though I’m not sure if their dreams are filled with visions of whirlwind booksigning tours, depositing fat royalty checks or simply getting a balky laser printer to work. In the case of Csalar Balint’s moody black and white photo titled “A Writer’s Dream”, we have to wonder: Does a writer dream about the woman reclining in the blurred depth-of-field background? Or does the writer dream about having one more drink before knocking out another 100 words? Or, is the woman the writer, dreaming about a refill in that whiskey glass before returning to her keyboard?

Or…perhaps I just overthink these things.

Lara FlynnBoyle: Femme Fatale

lara flynn boyle

Actress Lara Flynn Boyle in head-to-toe retro femme fatale regalia: Poufy headgear, cigarette holder perched in the tips of her black opera gloved hand, sparkling stones about her wrist and throat, her dress looking more like foundations and long fishnetted legs alluringly crossed. But most of all, it’s her expression that’s says ‘look out’. It’s dangerous dame, revealing nothing more than vague disinterest if not utter disdain. Perfect.


Back-Alley Noir In Belgium

The Confrontation

Sometimes it’s not a question of whether’s somebody’s gonna die. It’s only a question of who’ll die first. Like in this gorgeous bit of back-alley noir from Belgian photographer Gino DeFauw, called “The Confrontation”. Look for more of DeFauw’s work at 500px.



Road Trip 1

She hadn’t expected to be left in the middle of nowhere and wasn’t up for hoofing it in heels all the way back to town. But the cab fare for this ride would be a little steep even for her, and Lord knows she’d paid her dues before.

Some excerpts from Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup’s 2011 editorial “Road Trip”, a vignette for a story in the making if ever I saw one.

Roadtrip 2Roadtrip 3Roadtrip 4

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