Chris Clor

chris clor

At first, she just looks like a private eye’s secretary, perched on the gumshoe’s desk. But is she? And there are so many details to take in and wonder about in this darkly moody Chris Clor image: That the shadowy visitor’s briefcase is handcuffed to his wrist. What’s with the religious statue on the file cabinet, and why is one file drawer left open? Hey, just choosing purple shoes to go with a green dress is a puzzler.

Gorgeous stuff.

Sin City

Sin City by Annie Parfi

Russian photographer Anna Parfenova, who also goes by Annie Parfi and Anna Parfe. Look for more at This image from a series called “Sin City”.

Provocateur Private Eye

agent provocateur 2015 e v unwerth

The ‘peeper’ private eye camera with flash, the shamus’ magnifying glass on the bed and the male victim’s oxfords poking out from underneath it…and of course, three fetching fashion models posed in their underwear and hose. From lingerie marketer Agent Provocateur, shot by Ellen von Unwerth in 2015.

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