Motel, 2011

Motel Signe Vilstrup

Sometimes I lose count of just how often art directors, stylists and high-brow high-fashion photographers choose hotels and motels for edgier fashion editorials. And the seedier the better in many cases. No surprise, since hot sheet hotel and no-tell motel settings seem to be ripe with suggestive storytelling for so many of the same themes found in dark mysteries and crime fiction: Bad choices, illicit affairs, crime, adultery, peeper private eyes, sex…and murder. Here’s just one shot from Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup’s work with model Elena Lomkova in a steamy editorial called, simply enough, “Motel” for a 2011 issue of Vanity Fair.


Road Trip 1

She hadn’t expected to be left in the middle of nowhere and wasn’t up for hoofing it in heels all the way back to town. But the cab fare for this ride would be a little steep even for her, and Lord knows she’d paid her dues before.

Some excerpts from Danish photographer Signe Vilstrup’s 2011 editorial “Road Trip”, a vignette for a story in the making if ever I saw one.

Roadtrip 2Roadtrip 3Roadtrip 4

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