Loles Romero

Loles Romero has her share of dark fantasy and SF pieces like so many artists doing concept work and illustration for film and gaming clients, but this Ibiza, Spain artist has a way with the ‘noir-ish’, and I hope she’ll have opportunities to do more. These two examples were done as illustrations for stories by Hector Espadas. Look for her work at Art Station.

“Pintu’s” Femmes Fatales.

pinturero fernandez

Maybe better known for fantasy subjects artfully rendered in traditional illustration mediums, photography and digital art, Spanish artist Pinturero Fernandez (AKA “Pintu”) also has a way with retro-pulp and noir-ish femmes fatales. Set aside the space operas and sorceresses, I say, and let’s see more dangerous dames.

Pinteror Fernandez 2pinturero fernandez spain

Marc Figueras’ Mystery.

Marc Figueras

Along with working on the restoration of the stained glass windows in the Sagrada Familia cathedral, Barcelona Spain hyper-realist Marc Figueras has built an enormous body of work comprising enigmatic large format paintings, most depicting anonymous contemporary figures, sometimes with their backs turned to the viewer, their faces often obscured, each a puzzling mystery about the who, what and why of each subject. Which makes the painting shown at the top that much more of a mystery, but one of very few of Figueras’ works revealing the subject’s face, and inevitably leading the viewer to wonder why — and precisely what — has transpired in this scene, the small snapshot clutched in the woman’s hand the only clue…

Marc Figueras http://www.tuttartpitturasculturapoesiamusica.comMarc Figueras 2



Spanish painter Joan Beltran Bofill (1939 – 2009) was best known in fine arts circles as a contemporary Impressionist, his sumptuous light-filled paintings recognized for nostalgic settings and lush, swirling brushwork. But, like so many artists, Joan (don’t be confused, Joan’s a man’s name in this case) juggled both fine art and commercial art careers, and was also a popular European paperback and digest cover illustrator, particularly in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Noiquet - Beltran

Beltran Bofill came from Barcelona, studied at the Casa Lomja (Picasso had been a student there) and the Sant Jordi Fine Arts School. In an effort to keep the easel painting and illustration work separate, the artist worked under the name ‘Noiquet’ for various series of children’s books, Zane Grey westerns, and a number of standalone mystery/crime fiction novels and series, including Hank Janson and Agatha Christie books, Earle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason and saucy Carter Brown series. You’ll see hints of American illustrators like Robert McGinnis, Victor Kalin and others in Noiquet’s work, most of them excellent period pieces showcasing a real 60’s/70’s/80’s feel.

Noiquet 1974

Rooting around, I see many covers or even original illustrations questionably credited to Noiquet, some of which simply don’t look at all like the artist’s style, or lack his distinctive and usually prominent signature. Tempting as it may be to show them here, I’ll pass, but this post includes several examples of the artist’s work from the early 1960’s through the mid-80’s. A follow-up tomorrow will include some more…

Noiquet - FBI Series 1968



Guillem’s Femme Fatale

femme fatale by guillem h pongiluppi

It’s titled, simply enough, “Femme Fatale”, and clearly it was fatal.

A darkly beautiful bit of art from Barcelona, Spain artist/illustrator Guillem H. Pongiluppi. To learn more about the artist and his work (mostly concept illustration and excellent fantasy style work), go to the artist’s website at

guillemhp dot com


Marta Nael

Black Widow Marta De Andres

Barcelona, Spain concept artist, illustrator and fine art painter Marta De Andres, who uses the professional name Marta Nael, seems far too young to exhibit so much skill and confidence in multiple mediums, from paint and brushwork, to pastels, pencils, pen and digital software. A lot of her work is heroic or romantic fantasy subjects, which are not exactly my thing, but her straightforward figure studies and portraiture are as masterful as they are beautiful, most of them so alive with color, they almost look ready to burst into flame. The artist says her work is “a game of light and color”. In fact, her own fiery red mane looks like it’s right out of one of her paintings.

There’s a lot to browse at her own site (, DeviantArt, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, so while I’m not big on faeries and Amazons, I’ve included several ‘darker’ pieces here” “Black Widow” above, and below, “Daisy Retocardo” and “Lady Death”.

Daisy Retocado Marta De AndresLady Death Marta De AndresMarta Nael Dot Com

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