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Possessed by books, or perhaps it’s the books themselves that are possessed?

Models Dorothea Barth Jorgensen, Madisyn Ritland, Nimue Smitand and Viktoriya Sasonkina are shot by master lensman Steven Meisel for Alberta Feretti in 2009.

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Yeah, But She’s Got The Gun…

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In the end, it’s all about who’s holding the gun.

Master fashion photographer-storyteller Steven Meisel shoots model Carolyn Murphy for a stylish editorial in Vogue Italia from 2002 that’s a sumptuous bit of Euro-Noir. Who can tell if Murphy’s gotten mixed up with a dangerous duo out of love for the handsome boy-toy, or been blackmailed by the suave ringleader? What we do know is that she’s the one holding the gun in the end, and making off with the money.

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Cinema Stills

cinema still 1

Steven Meisel, surely one of the masters when it comes to narrative style fashion photography, shooting Daria Werbowy for Vogue Italia 2003. I think the feature was titled “Cinema Stills”. Make up your own story…

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On The Road

On The Road 1

Not sure if she’s a gun moll keeping the getaway car warm (and very stylishly) or a moneyed dilettante heading out for some decadent hijinks, but then I just like to imagine stories behind narrative fashion photos. Master lensman Steven Meisel shoots model Eugenia Volodina in an editorial titled “On The Road” for the April 2002 issue of Vogue Italia.

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