Love Story.

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The editorial may be titled “Love Story”, but it’s kind of a darkly noir-ish looking affair, dontcha think? Vincent Peters shoots models Du Juan and Edwin K in “Love Story” for Numero China in 2011.

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A Star In Her Own Style

a star in her own style 1Give me a roadside motel or a truck stop diner, some moody lighting and talented creatives, and my mind’s hard at work cooking up stories behind the photos. I just can’t help myself. Problem is, there are just too many such stories swirling around in my head right now.

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In the April 2016 Vogue Italia editorial titled “A Star In Her Own Style”, Vincent Peters shot Angela Lindvall looking like a lady on the run. But whether she’s fleeing from her lover, the law, or running off with the loot, well…who knows? I don’t know what the fashion editorial’s title is supposed to mean. Don’t care, either.

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