Stiletto, No Gumshoe

wolford cuneyt akeroglu hana jirickova 2016

Apparently photographer Cuneyt Akeroglu decided we didn’t need to know precisely what love is, based on this photo of Hana Jirickova for Wolford hosiery in 2016, the stocking’s backseam message vanishing out of frame. A stiletto, but not gumshoe here.

A Fashion Trunk Show.

myrthe bolt and lula allie villain ev unwerth wolford ss 2019 copy

Lets start guessing: She offed her hubbie’s mistress? Or, two gals had themselves a lover’s quarrel, and one of them didn’t come out of it too well? Or, maybe the boyfriend’s a regular modern day Bluebeard, and if she hadn’t popped the trunk before heading to the beach (in white stiletto heels, of course) she never would’ve known.

Whatever the scenario, those retro muscle cars didn’t have a lot of luggage space and someone’s not fitting in the trunk too well in this quirky shot from the series titled “True Character” with models Myrthe Bolt and Lula-Allie Villain, by Ellen von Unwerth for Wolford Hosiery’s Spring/Summer 2019 campaign.

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